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School Activities

School Activities

Programme : Singing of prayers, News reading. presenting thought for the day. G.K. Questions, special inspection of school uniform and cleanliness (students are supposed to have their shoes polished, nails cut and should carry handkerchief with them) short speech by individual students, Talk by Principal/Teacher on Moral Education, Talk by students on important topics of different subjects.

Monday & Friday

School Prayer, Bihar Geet, Saare jahan se achha


National Anthem, Students pledge, Mass P.T

Identity Card

Each student of the school should possess an identity card with his/her photograph affixed on it duly attested by the Principal and use them on the following occasions;

For Postal Identity

While using library books, laboratory equipments, sports & games materials. For participation in different activities apart from the school.

A vehicle card is issued to the student who enjoys school conveyance facility The student should always keep the vehicle card with them otherwise he/she will not be allowed to avail the conveyance facility